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Five-stitch Bookbinding - Materials

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Once you get going, these are so easy you'll make a half-dozen at a time.

Materials you'll need for six mini blank books:

  • Twelve pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper for the pages (9 x 12 or A4 size is also OK; bond, laser printer, or drawing paper)

  • Two pieces 9 x 12 inch cover stock, oak tag, construction paper, etc. for the covers. I use Strathmore Colored Art Paper for covers because I like its texture and weight. Two pieces are really enough for 9 books.

  • (optional) Little bits of decorative papers to add to the front.

  • Thread to stitch it up. Button & Carpet weight thread is perfect, or shoemakers thread, or dental floss (mint or cinnamon for color!)

  • Tools:

  • Heavy needle (darner or embroidery needle)

  • (optional) Awl or bodkin, or metal hole punch (1/16 inch size, the kind that you hold and hit with a hammer that people use to make holes before they put eyelets in)

  • Two spring-type clothespins, bulldog clips, or large paper clips

  • Scissors or paper cutter
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