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A letter that's its own envelope

This is a simple, elegant way to fold a letter into its own envelope. Pay close attention and bookmark this page, because it's hard to remember how this works -- at least, I find it hard to remember. I think the reason is that the finished product is on the diagonal of the original piece of paper. It's not hard, though, if you have the directions or an example in front of you.
Here's the back of a finished envelope, with a decorative seal added. If you're going to send this through the mail, you will need a seal or a piece of tape. If you're putting it directly in someone's mailbox, you don't need to add a seal. This particular envelope took me a minute and 19 seconds to make. Now, that's after I wrote the directions, but the third one you do shouldn't take you much longer. The front of the envelope looks like a flat paper rectangle with two corners missing -- but of course you can always stamp on it! Actual size, starting from an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, is 3 7/8 x 6 inches.

finished product - jpg

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