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The net is so big, what can I tell you? When we set up this web site it was harder to find interesting sites than it is now, so I linked some of my favorite sites. You'll do better nowadays with links your facebook or twitter friends send, or things like StumbleUpon.com. Just in case, here are some links that are still active after all these years. I set these up to open in new windows, so you can surf as far as you want and come right back here.

An amazing site -- beautiful visually, well written, thoughtful, and a treasure trove of links to explore (San Antonio to Florence to Paris in three clicks). If you start browsing through here, don't be surprised if it's 2 AM the next time you look up: The Artchive, formerly the Texas Net Museum of Art

They don’t call this the World Wide Web for nothing. Click here and visit Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma. I bet it takes you three clicks to find out what country you surfed to! I come here every so often for a magical five-minute vacation. They have an English language page somewhere; I’ll leave you the fun of finding it yourself. Rocca Al Mare Open-Air Museum

For stamping, I like to start with Rubberstampmadness

Here’s an offbeat site run by a long time mail art friend of mine: Lime Green Evolution World of Art

Individual craftspeople are finding that the web is an ideal way to show their work. This beautiful site is by a quilter whose work we saw at the Paradise City crafts show: Colorquilts