Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps

PO Box 610187, Newton Highlands MA 02461

Phone: (617) 965-1268


We rearranged the page listing catalog pages so it's alphabetized. We hope that helps you; it sure makes our life easier when we put new designs online!

We've got enough questions from stampers new to working with unmounteds that we wanted to show you the difference between an untrimmed and a trimmed unmounted die, and give some suggestions on mounting.

We've added a catalog page with all our stamps that say "Shalom" and "Shabbat shalom" in one place

Almost all of our catalog is on line now! Look at The Stamps and the catalog pages linked from there.

You can find images that were on our supplements on line here.

Every now and then someone e-mails to ask what Zum Gali Gali means. I put my answer on line so I’ll be able to send the URL to people who ask.